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Glaring flaws in purchase of JS library books

  • Nikhil Bhadra
  • 8th February, 2016 01:58:53 PM
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Glaring flaws in purchase of JS library books

There is an allegation of big forgery in the procurement of books for the Jatiya Sangsad Library.


According to sources, the price of three pirated books photocopied in sub-standard paper, has been shown as Tk 91,000. The same book has been shown as purchased in more than one name changing its cover. Some books are found carrying the seal of a private university. These books are basically complimentary copies.


The procurement price of a book has been shown as Tk 12,000 although its price is not even supposed to be Tk 1,200. Again, changing the cover the same book has been shown as purchased in a separate name. Tk 4,17,000 has been taken as the bill for the procurement of 50 such books. Besides, several thousand taka have been taken for some complimentary books given by a private university with its seal on those. Such fraud and swindling were detected in the preliminary investigation into the procurement of books for the Jatiya Sangsad.


Deputy Speaker of the Jatiya Sangsad Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah recently expressed surprise at such incident of embezzlement. He asked for punitive action against those responsible, through further investigation.


It is learnt from the sources that books of 2012 were supplied although the parliament secretariat had asked for those of 2015. But the officials  authorised to look after this did not raise any objection. They committed this misappropriation in connivance with the contractor.


Sources at the parliament secretariat stated that Tk 5 lakh of a UNFPA project named strengthening parliament’s capacity in integrating population issue into development (SPCPD), which ended last year, stood surplus. It was decided to purchase books instead of returning the money. The director of parliament library Md Nasiruddin was entrusted with the task of purchasing the books. Without inviting any tender, he issued work order for the procurement of the books to a contractor of his choice, Mustafiz, the owner of Hasan Traders. The contractor supplied the books within one month. Later, the library director Nasiruddin issued a certificate saying that ‘All books are allright.’


Subsequently, Zebunnesa, deputy director of library research division, gave a certificate to the effect that she has received all the books. After that a cheque for Tk 4.17 lakh was issued. But the incident of serious forgery was detected while conducting research with the help of the books.  


According to sources, contractor Mustafiz regularly supplies books for the parliament secretariat. He has been getting the work order for book supply by participating alone in the tender over the last few years. In the present case, money has been misappropriated in the name of purchasing books in connivance with him. Coming to know about the incident, the Deputy Speaker went to visit the library on February 2 and ordered for the action.