Ershad responsible for 1/11 political changeover: BNP | 2016-01-11

Ershad responsible for 1/11 political changeover: BNP

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11th January, 2016 05:30:06 printer

Ershad responsible for 1/11 political changeover: BNP

BNP standing committee member Brig Gen (retd) ASM Hannan Shah on Monday claimed that Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad was responsible for the critical political situation of 1/11 in 2007.


The BNP veteran came up with such new formula while addressing a discussion titled “1/11 Conspiracy and Today’s Bangladesh” at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity Auditorium in the capital.


“Several meetings were held at Ershad’s residence before the 1/11. It is Ershad who is responsible for 1/11,” Hannan Shah claimed.


A pro-BNP social organisation Swadhinata Forum organised the discussion.


Hannan Shah further said that BNP and Khaleda Zia were the worst victims of 1/11 political changeover. He also called upon all so that 1/11 like political changeover does not recur in the country.


He also demanded trial of the masterminds of the 1/11 political changeover bemoaning that the ruling Awami League has ‘rewarded’ them instead of taking action, UNB reports.


“Those who had made the 1/11 take place, violated human rights and oppressed and harassed people, they must be tried. But, the Awami League government has rewarded many of them, let alone holding their trial,” he told a discussion.


Hannan Shah said there had been a conspiracy behind the 1/11 changeover to destroy Bangladesh’s election system and tarnish politicians’ image by bringing ‘false’ allegations against them.


Earlier, BNP had blamed Awami League and its chief Sheikh Hasina for the emergence of 1/11.


Claiming that the 1/11 conspiracy is still on, the member of the BNP National Standing Committee, the highest policy making body of the party, also said masterminds of 1/11 will be tried today or tomorrow.