BNP's motive of participation ambiguous: Inu

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31st December, 2015 12:09:04 printer

BNP's motive of participation ambiguous: Inu

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, MP, observed on wednesday that BNP's motive for participating in the municipal polls was ambiguous.


Responding to questions from journalists about the first local government election to be held on party lines, the minister said "Election was never the primary agenda of BNP. In the past BNP had tried to subvert the corruption and war crime litigations against them by arson and violence, BSS reports.


"In the process they had breached the perimeter of democracy and constitutional rule. BNP and Khaleda Zia had also conspired to seize power, unconstitutionally. Therefore, one has to watch their final move before concluding about their possible motive in participating in the polls. It could be to uphold or undermine the system."


Earlier, the minister addressed an advocacy and communication workshop on women and children organized by the information ministry at the Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB).


The minister told the workshop that they had to be careful about setting their goals as it had to be in sync with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


The project supported by UNICEF was also addressed by the secretary of the information ministry Mortuza Ahmed. He told the meeting that the role of the ministry was critical in attaining the objectives as it had a lot of sensitization to do.