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Fashion Photography: Aspiring Photographer Sazzad Hossain

  • Nusrat Jahan Pritom
  • 27 July, 2015 12:00 AM
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     Just as fashion changes from time to time, the world of fashion undergoes many transitions. In the case of Bangladesh, there is no difference. Something that is an irreplaceable part of the fashion industry is fashion photography. This week groove presents few words from a young vibrant fashion photographer Sazzad Hossain about his world of glamour photography.

The Beginning

I began fashion photography in 2005. To be honest, I never expected to become a photographer by profession. My cousin Prito Reza used to work as a wedding photographer and he inspired me and the people around me suggested that I could do this.




I am working as a photographer for a news agency.  I recently had an accident and as a result, I could not work few days. I am interested in documentaries. Recently I am planning to do some works on the lives and lifestyle of the Pakistani Biharis in the Geneva camp. I have also some plans for the upcoming World Photography Day.



About Work

I like to explore. I like to experiment. For office works, I have limitations of time, but within the limitation, I try my best to discover and deliver new things.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is developing well, but I think it could do even better. There could be an archive of the works of famous media personalities. For example, people may want to know how star actresses Shabana, Bobita, Kobori, Shobnom, Rojina, Shuchorita looked like in their younger days. I want to collect a portrait of every known media personality and store in an archive. I am interested to establish an archive and will begin to work on it soon.
The scene of fashion photography I feel is rather scattered. Sometimes things do not go well for lack of time management. The model normally arrives 2/3 hours later than the appointed time. Sometimes new models or actors/actresses feel discouraged to work for different issues and they leave the sector. There should be incentives so that they continue and feel secured in their profession. There is no institute of fashion photography. A lot of us may have many problems. Expression, make up, posture, outfit, background, etc. are not always up to the mark. Our seniors would understand these better. Sometimes few well-known photographers such as Abu Nasser conduct workshops and this is positive. I wish more seniors will step up and one day an institute will be established only on fashion photography.



Future plans

I will love to do documentary photography. I also like to compile archive for artistes. I consider myself as an amateur photographer who has been working for the last 6 years. I am a constant learner. I will keep learning. I do believe that I can reach at my dream someday.