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The Charm Of Silver Jewelry

  • Nusrat Jahan Pritom
  • 23 March, 2020 12:00 AM
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The Charm Of Silver Jewelry

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Silver is one of the most favorite metals for women. Gold is great too but gold glitters. Gold demands auspicious occasions such as weddings or parties. Gold requires a better investment. But silver is friendlier. It is also subtly conspicuous. It goes with all attires and every personality. Whether you are wearing Western or traditional outfit, you will not need to worry since silver complements them both elegantly (imagine wearing a silver necklace with a white shirt and blue jeans or a white kurti with white payjama). With gold, you may want to keep the embellishments minimum since gold is more eye-catching. However, with silver you can put layers without worrying about looking like a jewelry shop! Silver jewelry is delightfully opulent and intricately subtle - a paradox that makes it so dear to us. Here are a few ways you can rock a look using silver jewelry.


The big statements

There is nothing like big, silver statement necklaces which have the power to add fast glamour to your style. Whether you are wearing something as simple as a kameez or something more ethereal like a silk sari, a statement silver neckpiece can totally add flair to your look. It’s not just the neckpieces but silver, chandelier earrings shall surely remain one of the most coveted assets a woman could possess! If it’s a party occasion, you can opt for giant silver tiklis. Whatever you do, make sure it’s eye-catching. As the popular phrase suggests, “Go big or go home!”


Chic earrings

It’s not only the jhumkas in the silver realm that has grabbed all the hearts. In fact, any silver earring looks fabulous whether they are small or large in size. Imagine wearing dramatic eye-makeup, glittery lipstick and huge silver hoop earrings! Dangling silver earrings also have a cut edge glamour that is unparalleled. When your silver earring has diamonds or other precious stones on it, it’s crème de la crème!


Tribal beauties

For those who are bohemian at heart, enormous silver choker necklaces with various designs can add grace to any look. Whether you are wearing a crop top with palazzo, a t-shirt with skirt or off shoulder dress, these necklaces will surely add panache to your look.


Street wear

A great advantage of silver jewelry is their versatility. Silver jewelry is perhaps one of the few jewelry items (besides copper and bronze) that look good with both traditional and Western outfits. For days you want to wear something more relaxed and casual, opt for a denim jacket, white tank tops, ripped jeans and a silver necklace. You can never go wrong!


Charming effects

One of the most popular and timeless ways to wear silver jewelry is in the form of a dainty necklace. It adds a subtle charm that is surely appealing. Wearing a simple silver chain around your neck with an object that has particular beauty or significance can dress up any outfit, yet remains simple enough for your day-to-day activities. Go for a classic heart or charm at the end of your silver necklace, or opt for a rare stone for something a bit more unique. It's hard to go wrong with a nice silver necklace.