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Wash Your Clothes Regularly To Keep Coronavirus At Bay

  • Md. Ashiquer Rahman Bhuiyan
  • 23 March, 2020 12:00 AM
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Wash Your Clothes Regularly To Keep Coronavirus At Bay

With every passing day the situation is getting worse, and more and more people are getting infected. Under such circumstances it’s important to stay cautious and probably it’s the only way to remain safe.  

It’s important to keep the things we touch clean and sanitized, but what about our clothes and all the fabrics we touch and wear every day? Coronavirus is mainly transmitted from person to person via tiny droplets of saliva or other bodily fluids that float in the air after a cough or sneeze. Contaminated objects and surfaces can also be important in the transmission of disease. So, clothes and fabrics can spread germs easily if infected person coughs or sneezes on your clothes. Simple washing is not enough to make your clothes germs and dirt-free. Though there are many techniques to wash clothes, using detergent is the most effective way.

Usually detergents work by loosening and binding to dirt, then lifting it up and out of clothes. While washing your cloth with detergent make sure that you are not using extra detergent because it will create extra soap suds which will cling to your clothes and trap dirt and germs there, rather than lifting it away.

However, there are so many brands in the market. It is important to choose the best quality detergent to clean your clothes and make them germ and dirt free. According to experts, “A normal wash with a detergent will be very effective at reducing the risk of transmitting any infection.” So, make you sure you are washing your clothes on a regular basis to keep coronavirus at bay.