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Common Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid

Afroza Zaman Anni

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Common Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid

Lipstick is one of the favorite beauty products of women. A woman can even spend hours to choose a lipstick shade. But is choosing a pretty shade enough to paint the lips properly? Most of us just take a tube of lipstick, do a few quick swipes across our lips and we think we are done.  But as easy as it may sound, applying your lipstick the wrong way can also have an impact, but negatively. Not to mention, distracting, because our lips are in the middle of our face and is usually the part with the most opaque colour. So to help you avoid lipstick disasters, here are some common lipstick mistakes and tips on what to do about it:


Smearing lip tints over dry, flaky lips

Dry skin can cause lipstick to settle in the cracks on your lips and around your mouth. Gently buff your lips to exfoliate the dead skin, and make sure to get the outer edges. After exfoliating apply the first level of protection on them. Always apply lip balm with SPF and apply lighter shade to be in a safe side. Apply a dusting of makeup setting powder to a tissue and place the powdered side of the tissue against your lips. Use a large powder brush to press the powdered tissue into your lips. This will transfer the setting powder into your lip color to increase its durability. This step is especially important for the perfect red lips.


Skipping a lip primer

Many haven’t heard of it --- there is such a thing as lip primers. However, just like a foundation primer, lip primers are supposed to prevent bleeding and feathering of lipstick into cracks on your lips and the lines around your mouth. Also, a good lip primer prevents your lipstick from smudging.


Letting your lipstick fade in the middle

A harsh outline around the outer edge of the lips with colour fading in the middle is so passé, so make sure your lip colour is evened out unless you’re going for the old time classic look. To make colour last longer, build up your lipstick, and then blot with a tissue. If you want to get the darkest colour of the shade, apply a second or third coat of lipstick repeating the same technique.


A lipstick shade that is too nude for you

Nude lip colours are trendy and the best way to achieve an effortless natural look. However, if you go too pale with your shade, you will look washed out as it will make your natural lip line disappear.


Using a lip liner that’s too dark for your actual lipstick

It is better to pick lipliner similar to your lipstick. If you don’t have a similar shade lip liner, then use a lipstick applicator brush to art the edges of your lipstick. It will also help to blend the product evenly. You can also use a nude-coloured concealer pencil to outline your cupid’s bow and lower outer lip line. Blend a little bit gently after highlighting the lips.