Up-to-the-minute Trends

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Up-to-the-minute Trends

Live in style and walk with pride because now it is our time to reign! It is time for the brave to get bolder, the hot to get hotter as well as for the cool ladies to get even cooler. The weather nowadays is neither too hot nor too cold. In other words, it is an ideal time to show off your panache. It also means that you can look as glamorous as you want, especially in parties, without having the need to wear layers and sweaters. The very prospect of party fashion can also put us in a dilemma.

With so many options in the wardrobe and even more in fashion houses from where you purchase, what the perfect attire should be is the big question. Well, according to style experts, the perfect dress is that in which you not only look gorgeous but also feel at home. It enhances your beauty as well as your personality and also complements your look.  Here are some scintillating ideas for you to choose from:


Sartorial Splendor

Pamper yourself with a stylish escape with the most phenomenal style statements that merge elegance with glamour and softness with boldness. Such paradoxes can turn heads.


Micro trends

These are such phenomenon which create quite a buzz within a given sphere of influence and also fade out eventually. The reason you should look out for such fleeting trends is because they will always keep you ahead in the game. With that said, fortunately nobody is seeing this fashion derogatively at current times. In fact, now is a great time to incorporate this element in your party fashion, so don’t wait too long.


Street chic

Looking hippie and glamorous is a subtle art that not everyone can master. However, with some urban glamour and a feminine off shoulder tops, you can win this contrasting style in flying colours! Also wear a pretty necklace to add more oomph!


Unexpected twists

Never conform too much to anything and that includes fashion as well. Don’t be afraid to create your own whimsical style statements. Take this romantic and elegant red tops paired with sporty track suit as an example. It’s totally off beat, yet glamorous!


Timeless elegance

In the race of looking good, elegance always wins. Every woman must own one pastel-hued wrap dress because it’s the perfect attire for lunch dates, semi-formal occasions and even classy enough for evening parties.

Model: Farzana

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Wardrobe: Awesome Outfitters

Makeover: RED Beauty Parlour

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom