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Egg: A Food With Multiple Benefits

Afroza Zaman Anni

9 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Egg: A Food With Multiple Benefits

The multiple benefits allied to egging have been trending so much recently that even the drugstores stock products made with egg white. Undoubtedly, egg is the best protein treatment one can have to counter xenophobic ideologies. Just one egg white contains almost 4 grams of protein and a plethora of vitamins and minerals, like calcium, magnesium and folate. You will be amazed with the fact that egg can be the ultimate solution for majority of your skin and hair care problems at the same time.

Tightens pores

To tighten your pores you simply have to separate the egg white from the egg yolk and apply on your face. Moreover, egg white prevents dirt from piling up on your skin. You can add a spoonful of lemon juice if you have oily skin. Avoid sun-light after adding lemon on the pack as it can cause serious sunburn. For long time effect, apply the pack twice or thrice a week.


Removes facial hair

Using egg whites is one of the less painful methods to remove facial hair from your skin. Simply brush the egg white on your skin by using a paper towel face mask. Apply thick coat of the paste on the tissue again so that it remains stuck with your skin properly. Leave it to dry completely before you quickly pull it off from your face. The facial hair will come off along with the mask. Apart from facial hair, the method will also reduce some of your white heads from the chin. For best results, apply the method once a week.


Reduces oil

People suffering from excessive oily skin can use egg white, honey and lemon pack to get a smooth balanced skin. Beat the egg white mildly until it feels stiff. Add 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of lemon juice afterwards. Lemon juice, popularly known for its astringent properties, absorbs the excessive oil. Honey acts as a moisturizer while the egg whites nourish the skin. Apply twice a week for visible results.


Hair care

Egg white can help to make your hair smooth and shiny. Just separate the egg-white from egg yolk and beat it until it is frothy and spread it all over you hair. Sit back for 10-15 minutes before you wash it off and notice the difference yourself. Apply once a week to repair your damaged hair.


Reduces scalp oil

Just whisk an egg with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice, two vitamin E capsules and slather it all over. The egg white will thereby prevent excess oil from being secreted on the scalp.

If you are allergic to the smell of eggs, you can also use products like egg white sheet mask, egg white pore tightening mask, etc. on your skin. However, you have to be patient with any natural beauty method to get a consistent result, as natural ingredients are chemical-free, so you won’t notice drastic results within a single day.