The Makeup Factor


11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Makeup Factor

Pahela Baishakh is the day when the whole country takes a festive look while the whole surroundings adopt a traditional vibe. So, on the first day of the Bengali New Year you will obviously want to look your best in your traditional wears. But the weather can ruin your look if you do not get ready smartly. To ease your pain, Groove is here with some makeover tips which will help you stay fresh throughout the day. You should plan the makeup for daytime and nighttime separately.


Day makeup

Chances are high that the weather will be very hot and you may sweat like there is no tomorrow while you will be out during the day for celebrating Baishakh. It is better if you opt for a simple and light makeup look with your vividly colourful attires. However, if your skin type is oily and you sweat a lot, then you should massage your face with an ice cube before applying your makeup. And do not forget to use your matte sunscreen.



Using primer or toner before applying the makeup will help you to create an impeccable base on your face. If you want your makeup to last longer, use a lot of setting spray with your beauty blender when you apply your foundation. Although liquid foundation may give you a shiny look, it will be wise to avoid it as the heat will make you sweat. You can create same base with compact or light face powder. Work through the T-zone and then all the way to chin cheeks and so on. If you have blemishes, dark circle or spots on your face, use a concealer. Blush your chicks with light colour to give them a shiny finish. You can use a highlighter. Touch it up with a setting spray.


A simple eye-shadow with wispy lashes will do the trick to make your eyes look bigger. Opt for three shades for a dramatic look or one shade for a bolder look. Try to avoid extremely dark eye shadows for the day time. Colourful kajol with light-coloured eye-shadows are popular nowadays. You can use nude pencil on your water-line to make your eyes more noticeable. Don’t forget to apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner keeping the rain factor in mind.


Nude-coloured lipsticks work best while you are out in the sun. However, nude lipsticks and dark-coloured attires complement each other. However if you want to try out colours, you can apply other shades too.

Tips for the nighttime

For the nighttime, you can do a heavy makeup with wing-liner, liquid foundation and bold red lips. You can use a lot of highlighters to look stunning in the pictures. Girls have the complete freedom to create a beautiful look for the nighttime celebration.

Whatever you do you must remember that your makeup should complement your attires if you want to create a statement.