Celebs’ Thoughts On Bangla New Year

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Celebs’ Thoughts On Bangla New Year

Pahela Baishakh is a day we Bengalis wait for a whole year. No matter where you are, in Bangladesh or abroad, this day has so much significance and memories attached to it that you are bound to feel the spark. It’s a day for Bangladeshis as well as Bengalis to celebrate worldwide. With that said, what about our favourite celebs who are always there with us? In every film/drama, they portray a different character. Sometimes, some of these characters become so close to us that they become a part of our lives. For this reason, these celebs are people who are very close to us. Recently, Groove has spoken to a few of them to bring to you their Baishakhi plans:


Chanchal Chowdhury has a special message

As it is the first day of the Bengali year, the eminent actor tries to spend his time with his family. “I always try to stay home on Pahela Baishakh. On this day, I keep no work so that I can be with my family and friends,” he said. “Of course, usually there are celebrations in our fraternity. Even this year, we were invited to such a get-together by a producer friend. All throughout the year, all of us in the film industry have our own works and schedules. So it’s a great experience to meet them all in the get-together, moreover on the first day of the New Year.” Chanchal Chowdhury urges everyone to not be ‘Bangali’ for just a day but to be so every day. “On this day, we see everyone upholding our tradition. However, this essence goes missing in the other days. This should not happen. We, Bangladeshis, have a rich culture and heritage. We should uphold our tradition, our literature and our culture every day of the year. We need to be in love with our culture as this is our identity. This is who we are and this is what we present to the world. Lastly, I hope that people will not westernize the celebrations of Pahela Baishakh.” He wished everyone for Pahela Baishakh.


Mim’s Baishakhi celebrations

Pahela Baishakh is a very important day for this beautiful actress. However, luck is not always by her side. “I love to spend this day with my friends and family. However, sometimes I have to stay abroad for shooting or live programs. Then I miss the celebrations here.” No matter where she stays, her heart stays here in Bangladesh and she tries to enjoy the day to her fullest whenever her work gets finished. “I remember Pahela Baishakh during my childhood. We used to have pantha-ilish. All my family and friends used to celebrate together. After growing up, I have a lot of work and responsibilities. Now it’s different than it was before but it is still special. If I stay home, I celebrate with my family and if I stay at work abroad, I celebrate with my colleagues and also make time to call back everyone at home.”


Nirab Hossain tries to give time to everyone

“Pahela Baishakh is a very special day for me,” said the actor. “I try to make the most of it. There are usually a lot of get-togethers to attend. So I try my best to give everyone my time so that nobody feels frustrated. Any occasion becomes even more eventful with the presence of your beloved family members, friends, and colleagues and so on. I try to give my time to them all.” Nirab’s fashion in Pahela Baishakh consists of both simplicity and glamour. “I usually wear white punjabi but I try to keep a hint of difference in it to make it more unique.” Nirab put emphasis on the significance of celebrating the day. “Every year we celebrate Pahela Baishakh with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement without any fear. It’s because we are Bangladeshis. This spirit of love, unity and courage is what makes us who we are. I thank the government and authorities for making our festivities so safe and I wish everyone a happy and safe Bengali new year.”