Adding An Artistic Touch To Your Home Decor

Afroza Zaman Anni

11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Adding An Artistic Touch To Your Home Decor

Those colourful curtains, clay pots, wooden artistic items and handcrafted cushions can help you turn your space into an artistic place which will be aesthetically engaging and look like a haven for relaxation as well. Here are some ideas you can embrace to relish the beauty of these decorative items in your home to add festive mood.


Clay pots

Potteries are very close to our culture. These handmade beauties are breath-taking and essential for indoor gardening. These earthen pieces have already entered international décor market, so why are you staying behind? You can place them anywhere of the room- near the stairs or in the dinning or reading table. Moreover, you can also use coloured pots to bring variation in the look.

Embroidered cushions and bed-sheets

Cushions or decorative pillows are significant decorating accessories that will make your space look stylish and versatile and cost you less as well. They make up for easy décor alterations too when you desire to add interest all throughout your interiors or even outdoors. You can add stylish collection of cushions and decorative pillows of different sizes and colours to accessorize the space. Embroidered cushions will look great on beds and with dining chairs. Embroidered bed-sheets are both artistic and traditional. The idea is to choose which design you like or what goes well with the existing décor style, what matches your taste and what suits your personality.

Wooden artistic items

When it comes to décor, people have developed more mature and refined taste. From wooden vintage furniture to wooden lanterns, the colour, design and texture will surely bring an ethnic elegance to the overall ambience of your home if you add some artistic elements. You can hang wood wall plates to decorate the walls in a deshi style.


By changing your regular curtain with traditional printed or embroidered curtain you can bring a vast change in the outlook of the rooms. If you want to make your room look wider, you can use light-coloured curtain. However there are many more options available in the stores – just look for the best ones.