The Ultimate Guide To Organising Your Wardrobe

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1 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Ultimate Guide To Organising Your Wardrobe

Okay, we understand that the title may seem a bit boring! After all, when we think of interior designing, we think of lavish chandeliers, antique candle frames and what not. However, outside that bubble, we have a home which may not contain everything that our imagination wants it to contain!

Your home is your refuge. It could be spacious or small, very well furnished or very poorly furnished. However, you definitely have a wardrobe or a closet. This is where your fashion legacy ends or begins. You probably pick up everything that your wardrobe suggests to you everyday (lazy can be a good term for it!). And if you are like that, you really need to start taking your wardrobe organizational skills seriously. It may be that the fancy or elegant clothes in the lower stack never make it to the front and thus never get worn by you, no matter how important the dress may be. Getting everything organized helps a lot in life while organizing your wardrobe cannot only improve your style statements but also bring a positive change in your lifestyle. Maintaining an organized closet will always be an ongoing process (because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process), but there are certain things you can do to ensure you never spend more than 20 minutes rearranging your clothes ever again.


Declutter Your Clothes By Category

The fast, easy way to declutter your clothes is to sift through them by type. Tossing every piece of clothing you own into a massive fabric mountain on your bed is overwhelming and inefficient. Instead, separate your clothes into categories like kameez, dresses, tops, shrugs, scarves, accessories, etc. Then sort through every item in a single category before moving on to the next. This method is better because it’s way easier to compare similar clothes when they’re all grouped together in front of you, making it easier to get rid of the things you know you have too much of or don’t want. As you go through your stuff, make a commitment to only keep the clothes you know you love and wear very often. If anything gives you reason to hesitate, toss it in a pile for donation.


Clear The Tide

Once you’ve made separate “donation” and “keep” piles for your clothes, shoes, and accessories, give your closet an once-over and pull out anything else still lingering inside it. When only the occasional lone safety pin remains, dive in and give your closet a proper deep-clean. Vacuum the carpet, wipe down the shelves, and scrub any scuff marks or dirt off the wall.


Design Your Ideal Closet Space

Now that you have emptied your closet, cleaned it, taken out the unnecessary things and have a clear picture of what you really want, it’s time to get creative! Maybe you have tons of vertical storage space, built-in shelving, or multiple hanging rods. Use these to your advantage. Begin storing your clothes by category. It makes things extremely easier for you. This also means that you will never be late for work again because you couldn’t find what you wear. You will know where everything is and hence, be able to make your decisions more efficiently. Hang anything delicate or fancy such as silk saris, suits and so on. Roll out your leggings and keep them in one corner so that you can match them with your kameez when you wish to wear them.

Last but not least, colour-code your wardrobe. It looks so much fresher and prettier! Plus, it’s functional. Once you are done with all these, put in things you need to preserve your clothes. These could be pesticides or even soft perfumes so that your clothes smell fresh always!