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Adding Romance To Your Style

  • Nusrat Jahan Pritom
  • 13 February, 2019 12:00 AM
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If you are wondering what your Valentine style should be, you don’t need to think too hard. Simple things can be powerful at times. The same can be said about fashion. A bit of quick fixes and some passionate ensembles can transform your everyday look into a date look. Here are some ways you can add a romantic flair to your look:


Saris are romantic!


Saris have to be the most ethereal clothes on this planet. It must also be the most paradoxical of all attires. Saris serve well to conservationists when worn with full-sleeved blouse. Then again, it is equally sensuous, accentuating the curves. Saris flow freely and are elegant and feminine. But when all pinned up, they can also be adapted by office staff as uniforms. If you have to make a good impression, you can never go wrong with saris. Opt for floral printed georgette ones for a carefree style. The silk ones look more attractive. If you take a colour such as red, purple, royal blue or maroon, you won’t even need any extra jewelry or makeup! As for the cotton saris, we have seen how gorgeous Joya Ahsan looked in these seemingly simple saris. All you need is a teep, a lipstick and long, wavy hair.

Look pretty with scarves


Scarves are a great way to add a whimsical temperament to your look. French women love scarves and we all know that the French are famous for their romanticism. You can drape a scarf over your shoulders, tie them neatly or even create a ribbon style with them. 


Tempting nosepins

Bengali women look gorgeous in nosepins! Whether you have your nose pierced or not, you can always enjoy the fun with the hooked ones. You can wear a nosepin with the traditional looks or incorporate it into your Western attire. An example can be to wear neutral colours or denim, doing your makeup light focusing only on the eyes and wearing a nosepin. The focus will go directly to your nosepin and eyes. And then you can let your eyes do all the talking.


Wear something musical


Melodic jewelries look, sound and feel good. You could wear bangles on one wrist or both wrists. It will produce a beautiful sound as you move. Anklets are also a great choice.


Get hot red high heels


Most people tend to think shoes are not that important. Shoes are massively important in creating a style statement. When you add high heels to your look, it is bound to be steamy. On top of that, when it’s red high heels, one simply can’t look away.