Sunday, 14 August, 2022

decor Candle Light Dinner

Décor In Focus

A Thursday evening for Valentine’s Day most likely means that you and your beloved will be busy at work all throughout the day.

Why not surprise your husband/wife with a cool candle light dinner? You don’t need to go to some fancy restaurant for that to happen. With these creative ideas, you can organize a romantic candle light dinner right in your house. The food can be ordered online or you could even cook it with love for your beloved if you have time. All you need is the decoration. Here is how:


Decide On The Location


You can always eat in the garden if you have one. But most houses in Bangladesh don’t seem to have any! The second option could be the terrace. If you live in an apartment, disregard this option too. You never know who comes to the roof to catch a cigar or to put clothes on the line! The last option is your dinner table. Well, compared to the other two, this might look bland. However, if you arrange it nicely with flowers and other embellishments, your regular dinner table can turn into a romantic one.


Have A Centerpiece

You could have a flower bouquet at the centre of the table. Or you could keep it rather simple and choose a glass with two roses in it. Remember as it’s going to be a ‘candle light’ dinner, have objects that will sparkle in the light of the candles. Something at the centre of the table would surely be welcoming.


Get Your Candles

You will find all kinds of cool candles at Aarong, Yellow and other shops. The candles in Yellow are also scented, so you will have a pleasant fragrance in the room. You could also get regular thin candles. However, make sure you avoid accidents. You don’t want the Valentine’s Day to be a disastrous day! If it’s possible, purchase candle holders- especially the ones with antique exquisiteness. Avoid linen table clothes. If you have a wooden table, there is no need to put further clothes on it. 

Have Proper Lighting


Whether your menu consists of fish items or not, you still want some extra light to see the food. Simply candle lights may not help, especially if you are planning to have only one or two candles. Dim the lights or get a lamp for a dull glow.


Get Creative

Flowers, rose petals, and other decorations will do the trick. You have many options and will just have to be creative. Flowers, such as elegant roses, are important. They look really good at the table, whether it's something extravagant or simple. Just keep in mind that you should be able to look at each other over the table. Playing some soft jazz or romantic music in the background can add to the romantic ambience as long as it's not too distracting. You could also throw rose petals on the table and the floor and make heart shapes with them.