Sunday, 14 August, 2022


Floral Tiaras: An Essential To Enhance The Look

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Is it because Valentine’s Day is just after Pahela Falgun or because flowers have always had a romantic appeal, whatever the reason may be, floral tiaras are on high demand on Valentine’s Day. Not only do they look stunning on women but are great accessories for hair. They also help her feel special and like a princess, just how she should be treated on this day. Take a look at some of these ideas on how to blend in floral tiaras into your fashion for a royal and radiant style statement.


Red Rose Crown

Red roses and Valentine ’s Day have an inseparable connection. Most people would admit that the proposals they made to their loved ones was with a red rose. Every lover feels the necessity of gifting a red rose to his/her partner. So it’s only natural that you adorn your hair with red roses rather than any other flower. Red roses also look absolutely stunning when used as a head ornament. A single red rose worn with bun is gorgeous enough but when you have a plethora of red roses sitting delicately on your hair; the effect is visually very aesthetic. You can wear this tiara with a red sari or red kameez. Both light coloured lipstick as well as blood red ones would look good with this tiara. In this style, the focus falls on the eyes, so be very specific about how you do them. Kajol is a quintessential aspect of this style. You just cannot forget about it. Opt for light shimmery eye-shadow especially to highlight the eyebrows. A coloured lens is optional here but you could definitely do it if you are into contact lenses. Blue or green eyes with kajol and a red rose crown is a look to die for.


Go Green!

Being environmental is great, but you can also be plant-friendly when doing your hair on Valentine’s Day! Leaves generally fall off, so using leaves for V-Day embellishment is a way of paying respect to trees. If this point is not good enough, applying green colour to your styling makes it more engaging. Think of a scintillating red kurti worn with similar coloured leggings and dupatta. Having a green, leafy tiara with a single red rose on the centre creates a greater composition than a fully red flower tiara which will get lost in this monochromatic style.


Opt For Pink Panache

Rather than the typical red diva look, go for a sweet and soft pink look. A candy pink kameez with a lighter shaded payjama and netted dupatta (orna) along with tiara of pink roses would look gorgeous. You will be a breath of fresh air in a room full of red uniformed couples. Since most of the details in this style are light, make sure you put on a dark pink lipstick. The dark pink shade will make your world much brighter.