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Makeovers To Make The Day More Special

Makeovers To Make The Day More Special

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Valentine’s Day is a special day, whether you are single, married or in a relationship. If you are married, it’s a great time to express how you feel about your partner. If you are not married, well, this could be the day you express or someone expresses his/her love to you. Whatever the reason may be, any occasion is a great occasion to do makeup. For Valentine’s Day, choose one of our looks. Whether you want the sweet look, the glamorous look or a subtly conspicuous one - we have it all covered!


Sweet And Radiant Look

This look focuses on your complexion as the primary feature, so a glow is the key. Start with clean, moisturized skin, and consider using a primer that blurs the look of large pores. Using a fluffy brush, apply a peachy pink blush to warm up your skin tone. You will also want to accentuate some features. Use highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, under your brow bone, and in the center of your bottom lip for added fullness. Add a glossy shade to your lips for moisturizer and shine. Light pink would be the best colour but you could also opt for candy pink or peach. Now you might think that your makeup is done. However, this last finish is totally going to nail this look. Do a double coated mascara to make your eyes speak. Leave your hair open and get some beach waves done. Since this is a pretty radiant look on its own, you don’t need much jewelry. Hoop earrings and perhaps a nose-pin would be enough.

Romantic Glamourous Look

Whenever we think of a glam look, our minds instantly go to red lipstick. Yes, a party makeover or any other glamorous makeover seems incomplete without our favourite bold lip colour. The best part about this is that you could only do your lips and still look gorgeous. However, as it’s Valentine’s Day, we all want a bit more than just the lip colour. Coat your upper lashes with black mascara from roots to tips, then hold the brush vertically and add a little more to your outer lashes. This will give them an extra long and flared look. Opt for a shade of your choice for the eyes. It could be silver, white and black (black for a bit of smokey effect). It could also be nude and golden eye shadows. Apply winged eyeliner to both eyes. Put a light brown or light pink glaze across your cheekbones. Finally complete this look with a red lipstick of your choice- crimson, maroon, berry red, etc!


Sultry And Subtle

The final look combines both the upper looks in such a way so that you look both sweet and paradoxically glamorous. Apply a shimmery, creamy shade to your lids with an eye-shadow brush. Blend a deep chocolate shade into the crease to add smokiness. Draw a thin line across your upper eyelid with your eyeliner and delicately flick it out into a cat’s eye. Smudge the black pencil liner across the lower lashline. Lengthen and thicken your lashes. Add a magenta lipstick. You’re ready to party! Put on a monochromatic dress and scintillating heels with this outfit.