Sunday, 14 August, 2022


Impressing Your Hubby

Mohabbat Morshed

here is no denying that almost all of us think that it is a traditional practice to present something to your wife on the Valentine’s Day. But time has changed and the traditional practice has also undergone some changes. Nowadays wives are equally enthusiastic about surprising their husbands with beautiful gifts. However when it comes to choosing something for your better half, you may fall short of ideas. For those out there, here are some ideas:


Electronic items


You may have already noticed that boys always remain glued to gadgets. So the best idea to impress your hubby would be to buy any electronic item for him. If you're ready to spend some money on a gift for your husband, get him a classic watch he'll wear forever. You can even buy a smartphone or any other electronic item based on your hubby’s likings.


A cool pair of sunglasses


Yes, boys have a fascination for sunglasses. Gift him a cool, classic pair of aviators he'll take everywhere. Sunglasses come in many colours, so you can pick the one that suits him.


A grooming kit


A convenient grooming kit is the perfect gift he can keep at home or take everywhere (if he travels a lot for work). This one includes items such as hand wash, hand balm, body cleanser and shaving foam.


A new scent


Get your husband a good-smelling cologne that he can use every day. Pick one you already know he'll love, since certain scents can be disturbing.




Wallet is a very personalized gift item and every man needs it. Buy a leather wallet for your hubby and you will be on the safe side as he will definitely like it.

However no matter whatever you buy for your husband, remember that along with the gift it is also important to express your love for your beloved in words. So, be expressive as well!