Sunday, 14 August, 2022

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A Man’s Guide To Rejoicing Valentine’s Day

Rajib Kanti Roy

The long wait is over. Tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day. May be you already have managed to secure a reservation at a posh city restaurant to spend a quality time with your beloved. Most probably you have found the perfect gift and chosen the right roses as well. While preparing in all key areas of impressing your beloved you are so focused on that special person that it may have totally slipped your mind to look after you. Unfortunately this happens ahead of the big occasions. However, still you have time to avoid such experience. Groove is here to help you so that you can go through the checklist for looking good on the international day of romance.


The morning ritual

Complete your morning ritual with a collection of powerful skin and body care products aiming to give you confidence and strength to face the challenges of the day. Preparing your skin and nurturing your face after a fine shave will give you 24 hours of enhanced scent protection.


Smell’s good

Women get caught up in fascinating smells. Great cologne could change the course of your date. The arousing aroma of sandalwood, citrus and sensual pine can set a seductive agenda. The best place to apply cologne is where there is the most body heat. Heat activates the cologne and allows it to last longer, while colder areas dull the smell.


The long lunch

If you are taking her to lunch, your outfit requirements will need to go further than the usual. For a smart casual, pull on your favourite dark indigo jeans or slim chinos, a stylish casual shirt, sports jacket and add a masculine bracelet as a conversational piece. Match your belt and boots to this ensemble.


Afternoon date

Panjabis have never had to leave their place to make way for any other fashion wear for Bangali men. Right before the beginning of the season of spring you can use the ambience of winter for dressing yourself with a perfect red Panjabi with simple embroidery works and jeans. Red is the colour of love. So it can express your state of mind in the boldest way. When it comes to colour you can also go for light yellow or any other simple colour. Never forget to select a pair of classy leather sandal to complete your styling.


Out for dinner

You need to match your ensemble efforts with the level of restaurant you have chosen. Wearing a sharp suit to dinner puts you in high esteem all around. Opt for a two-button in a solid colour with a notch lapel. Tie a red tie and carry a special pen to sign your bill. As for fine jewellery, focus on the elegance and simplicity of your watch. Maintaining shoes in perfect condition will add points to closing the evening.

The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion in general is that your clothes need to be in your size and that they always need to be occasion-appropriate. Valentine’s Day is a day that allows you to wear a series of things you normally wouldn’t. If you want to dress up perfectly on the day, you can definitely play with patterns, mix colours and put on other things that will make you memorable. So, be bold and make your style statement.