Flaunting Deshi Style With Nosepins

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

5 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Flaunting Deshi Style With Nosepins

Nosepins have a super power. They can literally transform how you look. Whether small or big, nosepins add an aesthetic touch in your look. With their position near the centre of our face, they add a lot of power and panache to our looks. Something cool about nosepin is that they also play with the viewer’s eyes and make your countenance appear different. For example, women with longer faces would suddenly seem to have rounder face if they put on a half-moon nosepin. This transformative feature of the nosepin makes it one of the most powerful jewelries out there. Here’s a quick guide on styling it right with one of the chicest-yet-most-underrated jewelries out there. 

The Royal Nath

This one used to be reserved only for the big day. In fact, every bride needs to have a gorgeous nath for themselves. However, it has all changed very recently. Perhaps the change was set by Deepika Padukone as Mastani in the historic epic of Bajirao/Mastani where she wore scintillating naths and totally rocked the look. In other words, it’s okay now to go away from the bridal look towards a more party or evening look with naths. Just keep the theme simple yet gorgeous. Opt for  light coloured dresses- grey, light silver, beige, golden or  even white with  silver or golden jewelry matching the colour of the dress (in such a way that the jewelry looks as if it is part of the dress rather than giving them the trophy moment they usually get). Absence of other jewelries is quite important here to carve a luxurious look out of simplicity. Keep your makeup light and natural. Just highlight the lips with a peach colour. Hairstyle could be any of choice but keeping your hair tied would be much better. Make sure you flaunt some fringes. You could opt for a gorgeous embellished nath or a Kundan nath with faux pearl if you want something more simplistic.


Star Studded

Functional, groovy and mesmerizing- studded and segment rings are probably the most popular ones out there. Due to their small size, they are always preferred above others for everyday looks. A few decades back, stud nosepins were everywhere! Ask your mother or grandmother. Before hair colouring, before tattoos and even before rebonding- nosepins used to be the coolest thing in town. In fact, they still are.


Party Perfect

If you want to make a classy statement, opt for a perfect nosepin suitable for a queen. But try to forgo the wedding look. Having a nosepin can quickly become a bridal look which can be rather embarrassing if you’re going to a party (and not a wedding) and when you’re not a bride! All you need to do is create the perfect theme. Opt for a sparkling choker necklace with precious stones, a geometrical nosepin with similar design and chandelier earrings. Or you could opt for beaded hoops. This can be worn even with a slender, glittery gown (skip the other jewelries then). Go for crystal, pearls or silver-beaded nose rings which look super-hot and eye-catching.