An Overview Of The Right Bag For Your Trip | 2018-11-05

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An Overview Of The Right Bag For Your Trip

Rajib Kanti Roy

5 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

An Overview Of The Right Bag For Your Trip

Winter is knocking at the door. It’s the perfect time for making a trip with your beloved family members. Besides, it is a suitable season for business trips and conferences as well. Whenever you leave home, part of your wardrobe has to come with you. A man’s luggage is both a practical and style decision. You want something that carries all your necessities and doesn’t look awful when paired with your traveling clothes. The last consideration can be especially important for business travelers, who often end up making first impressions when meeting people at the airport with their luggage.


Different Trips, Different Bags: Know Your Luggage Options

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you have to carry it. Different trips call for different bags. The family vacation suitcase is going to be all about volume and will almost certainly need rolling wheels to manage the weight, while a business trip suitcase should ideally be slim, easily slung over one shoulder, and broad enough to lay a suit coat in without folding it. Different circumstances require very different bags.


A Man’s Briefcase

The standard man’s dress case is the ideal carry-on for a business traveler who is also checking luggage - smart-looking and large enough to hold papers, a book or a small electronic device for entertainment on the flight. The man who works in a traditional, conservative workplace will want to get a dressier briefcase that pairs well with a suit and helps him look professional when walking into a business meeting, while a man who works in a more casual and creative job can choose something more rugged.


Attaché Case

An attaché case is a specific kind of briefcase: hard-sided, latching, and traditionally lock-able. Its origins are with diplomats and messengers carrying important information and little else-thus attaché cases are thinner than normal briefcases and minimalist in design. Inside, the cases are divided into two compartments by a hard, hinged tray.


Carry-on Luggage/Suitcase

The last of the carry-on-sized options for air travel, these are cases made specifically for airline size restrictions. They are mini-suitcases that give you every cubic inch of space you are allotted. They are ideal for avoiding checked luggage if your trip is short enough to live out of a small bag. Just be aware that standard sizes keep shrinking.


Two-Wheeled Suitcase

Any regular traveler will recognize these ubiquitous pieces of luggage: firm-sided rectangles with a long handle on top and a pair of wheels on the bottom. They are the easiest checked-luggage-size bag to transport, and so tend to be the most common among frequent travelers.


The Weekend Bag

Functional checked bags are small enough to carry with one hand and throw into the back of your car for a weekend trip. These bags are made to hold the maximum amount of gear per cubic inch without taking on excess weight and usually have only one big internal compartment. One drawback is that the soft sides offer little protection, and if made from an inexpensive material, one rip can spill out all your contents.