For Descendants | 2018-01-04 |


For Descendants

Firoz Al Mamun

4 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer


Most of the people have

Not seen great grand parents

Even their graves are washed

Away by the torrents


Ancestors used to eat foods

Burnt by the wooden fire

They used to learn

Without institutional tier


The earth which trodden

By us bears their sign

Gradual movements made

Uneven paths smooth and fine


Gusty air and lightning

Used to intimidate them

In an unprotected shelter 

They were just spectators of flame


We are in the dark

About their thought

For lack of information 

As to how they tied the knot


The great grand children

Prospectively will know our type

From technology and portrait

As cycle of death and birth stereotype


In the velvet of nothing

We can hear their voice

At the school or home

Or any shop of toys


Crossing thousand miles

The path arrives in a point

Where past and present

Mingle in a genetic joint


Mysterious is the birth

So is the transitory life

If not translated into work

Futile will be lip services and hype


Before breathing last 

We should pass information

For descendents not to be lost in time

Not to sink into the oblivion


We live in Bangladesh liberated

In 1971 defeating the Pakistani foe 

Bengali regarded as global mother tongue

The country moves forward standing on its toe


It is a society 46 years later

Bus and tempo are main transport

Affluent men travel by car and plane

Which commoners can hardly afford


We belong to a society

Blessed with digitized age

People contact each other

Via email and facebook page


Many women are educated

But they are engaged in a fight

For ensuring full-fledged safety

And the equitable right


Yet honesty and principle

Are not caged in zoo

We respect the seniors

Never show them leg or shoe


Bangladesh cricket team

Globally playing well

Country exploits gas

However it imports oil


Despite many limitations

The country’s GDP is good

Like success in many sectors

It is self-reliant in the food


The United Nations is in its bid

To keep the world warless and safer

Bangladesh contributes to the agenda

Sending armed forces as the peacekeepers


Yet there is some competition

Among the global super power

So it is not sure as to what

Will happen to the UN tower


We are not astrologer

So unable to read the fate

A question always travels in the mid

If the world will be full of peace or hate 


This poetry aims at

Leaving a humble message

For the descendants so that

They can know us and guess.