Morning Tea
Filicide: The Changing Face Of Society Filicide: The Changing Face Of Society

The legend of Medea, a mythological character hailing from Greek times and the granddaughter of the sun god Helios, killing her sons is probably the most famous act of filicide so far. The fable is…

The Hood
Coping With Culture Shock Coping With Culture Shock

Every country has its own culture. You may experience a different culture whenever you will travel to a new country. Once you move to a foreign land, you are subject to unfamiliarity around you. Things…

Styles Every Guy Should Try Styles Every Guy Should Try

This fall, most men in the country are busy getting geared up for the upcoming cooler seasons. It means a lot of layering, looking ‘suited-and-booted,’ rocking cool denim jackets and what…

Eid ul azha special
Fashion Forward Fashion Forward

Trying to create a unique look every Eid can be quite an arduous task. To begin with, you may have already exhausted all your ideas. Every dress that could be stylish or sophisticated may have already…

Valentine’s Day Special
Ode To Love Ode To Love

Love is in the air this week and that’s why Groove has adopted a very romantic vibe. Tune in for the most dazzling ideas on everything related to Valentine’s Day.