Morning Tea
An Industry Stuck In The Middle An Industry Stuck In The Middle

Bangladesh boasts about a vast amount of fish species --- 260 freshwater fish species and 475 species of marine fish including 24 prawn species --- owing to the fact that this country is blessed with…

The Hood
The Art Of Giving The Art Of Giving

We are going through a restless period at the moment. There is a chaotic situation everywhere and the suffering of poor people is increasing gradually. Those unprivileged people need constant support…

Beckoning Beauty Beckoning Beauty

There is a phrase that ‘beauty is skin deep.’ Beauty is more than just appearance. It is an emotion. To look beautiful is one thing but to feel beautiful is an art. It is beyond impeccable…

Eid ul azha special
Fashion Forward Fashion Forward

Trying to create a unique look every Eid can be quite an arduous task. To begin with, you may have already exhausted all your ideas. Every dress that could be stylish or sophisticated may have already…

Valentine’s Day Special
Ode To Love Ode To Love

Love is in the air this week and that’s why Groove has adopted a very romantic vibe. Tune in for the most dazzling ideas on everything related to Valentine’s Day.