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Morning Tea
Nakshi Kantha: Emotions Wrapped Up In Quilts Nakshi Kantha: Emotions Wrapped Up In Quilts

কেহ কেহ নাকি গভীর রাত্রে দেখেছে মাঠের পরে, মহা-শূণ্যেতে উড়িয়াছে কেবা নক্সী-কাথাটি…

The Hood
Busy With Easy Things! Busy With Easy Things!

“Hey, how is everything going?” “Hmm,,, busy, just so busy. I’ve got so much going on right now. I am just busy doing all of the things, going to all the places and…

Remarkable Beauty Remarkable Beauty

As the clichéd phrase goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Though we unanimously agree to it, there still remains a void in most of us. If we were content with…

Eid ul azha special
Fashion Forward Fashion Forward

Trying to create a unique look every Eid can be quite an arduous task. To begin with, you may have already exhausted all your ideas. Every dress that could be stylish or sophisticated may have already…

Valentine’s Day Special
Ode To Love Ode To Love

Love is in the air this week and that’s why Groove has adopted a very romantic vibe. Tune in for the most dazzling ideas on everything related to Valentine’s Day.