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Tajuddin’s visages merge with subtle tint and line

Tajuddin’s visages merge with subtle tint and line

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Tajuddin Ahmed has established his name among Bangladeshi contemporary painters by dint of his original works. These works allow the genius to articulate his passionate soul. Recently, Tajuddin has been working on the diversity in human faces with a distinctive style and flair. Like others, the painter has become overcome with a deep stress during the pandemic. The pains of his fellow human beings are too much for him to bear and thus he has tried to scan the human faces of his surroundings and portrayed their agonies, and sufferings.

Generally, his focal points include mythological resemblance, animals, flora and fauna, vivacious culture of Old Dhaka, nostalgia, nature and human relationships.

Born and bred in Dhaka, Tajuddin suddenly left the country for Toronto in 2008. He divides his time between Dhaka and Toronto. At present, the painter is in Dhaka and has brought a number of mixed-media based paintings along with him. The paintings focus on human faces with the mode of expressions—semi-abstract, abstract-expressionism and cubism.

He previously rendered human faces but the current faces are different in the sense that they are delicately painted, meticulously organised and done after deep observations. Some faces— of men, women and children—seem to be primeval, and unacquainted. The faces are not identical and each mien expresses a unique explanation and look. The paintings have emphasis on varied tiny objects, graphical lines and forms, oval, semi-oval forms and varied symbolic patterns.

In his faces, Tajuddin has used acrylic, gesso, pen and pencil both individually and in combination which is called mixed-media. Besides, the artist has also adopted collage as a medium which lends him a fresh avenue. He engaged himself with collages during different periods of his career. He first did several collages in the mid-80s. He focused more deeply on the medium in the 1990s with a repertoire that exhibited technical excellence.

Tajuddin portrays human visage and its mysterious facets through his personal notion, experience and thought process. The abstraction in his works comes naturally as he has adopted a unique language for his own ways of expressions. His collages are chronicles of his inner feelings and intense observation of his living space and life. His manipulation of forms, scattered drawings and controlled brush strokes create a language simultaneously natural and contrived.

Tajuddin’s present works also feature mellow texture and soothing surfaces that are appealing. The paintings represent emotion and sentiment in a manner that seems to say that the artist wants to be universally understood.

The writer is an art critic and cultural curator.