Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Sustaining the growth

Because of a rapid surge in virus mortality and infection rates, we have entered another round of Covid-19 induced strict lockdown for a week since July 23. In an effort to avert a full-blown catastrophe, the government has resorted to the harsh measures of strict lockdown. The ongoing lockdown has led to a disruption to the country’s economic activities. What is most shocking is that the most vital RMG factories are not operating during the harsh lockdown. We earnestly pray for quick return to normalcy. All of us are well-aware that despite the recent spike in coronavirus infections and mortality rates, the country’s economy is steadily recovering. A latest prediction of the ADB has also boosted our morale to a great extent. It is that the country’s economic recovery will continue in the coming days.

We all know that the country’s exports and remittance performances have aided the country’s economic recovery. The ADB too stated that our economic recovery would continue depending on exports and remittances. Just as the country’s main foreign currency-earning apparel sector had begun recouping from shocks to its exports, a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has started inflicting damages again. As per BGMEA sources, usually, July and August are the most important months for shipping of next winter and Christmas sales and for booking orders for next summer. Considering this reality, the government should have kept open the RMG factories during the ongoing lockdown period. But it did not happen. So, the government should do everything in its might to help the RMG industry to sustain in this critical period.

Finally, it is our migrant heroes who are sending forex home facing all kinds of odds at their workplaces abroad. The entire nation is indebted to them, but many of them who came back home during first wave of the virus are now trying to go their workplaces. Regrettably, they are reportedly facing lots of hassles during their return journey. The authorities concern should look into the matter seriously to redress their sufferings; otherwise the country’s economic growth will not sustain.