Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Stand with humanity

Since the coronavirus hit the country, the government has been trying hearts and souls to keep fatalities from the virus minimal and take all probable measures to keep the economic wheel run. Consequently, the government has announced several stimulus packages covering different sectors. A good portion of these packages has been announced to provide assistance to the poor, particularly the group living from hand to mouth. Still, it is not enough as the number of people below the poverty line is continuously increasing due to a lockdown-like economic barrier. Hence, it has become more than a necessity for the rich to be supportive of the poor to fight against this invisible enemy.

Given that, Bashundhara Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates of the country, has been trying to stand by the people facing hard times in different parts of the country. Maintaining its tradition to stand by people almost every time the country faces any catastrophe, Bashundhara Group has been once again providing the needy families in different regions in the country with food and relief materials. By helping the poor surviving this terrible torment of the pandemic, the industrial conglomerate has set an example of fulfilling moral obligations to the country and its people.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us a Hobson’s choice to pressing needs within our communities and the responsibility to take care of one another. There’s no doubt about it, charity is the way that can pave the way for fighting against the pandemic. It is, however, disheartening that the number of relief-distributing business conglomerates is not as much as expected, which ultimately makes it difficult for the government and the people to keep the poor afloat during the surge of the virus spread. Even businesspersons of some sectors that are not hit hard by the epidemic show little response to help poor people.

It is our expectation that all of the business conglomerates, as well as rich individuals, will extend their support to corona-hit people this time for the sake of greater benefits of the country, as it will help people stay at home and make the recently announced lockdown successful and, therefore, tackle the ongoing wave of the pandemic. It is the time to bring out the best of humanity.