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Fishermen return with hilsa after 65-day ban on fishing

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  • 25 July, 2021 12:00 AM
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Fishermen return with hilsa after 65-day ban on fishing
Hilsa Galore : Hilsa starts flooding Fisheryghat fish market on the bank of the river Karnaphuli in Chattogram on Saturday after a 65-day ban on catching, selling, hoarding and transporting of the delicious silver fish ended midnight. Inset, wholesalers load a pick-up van with hilsa at the market. —Rabin Chowdhury

CHATTOGRAM: Fishermen have started netting hilsa in the port city, which has brought smiles to theirs faces.

The Fisheryghat, one of the main fish landing spots in the city, have started buzzing again since Saturday morning after the 65-day ban on catching fish ended.

A huge number of trawlers carrying hilsa are anchoring in the Fisheryghat.  Retailers are also crowding into the warehouses for buying fish.

Most of the trawlers returned with fish from nearby areas including Anwara, Banshkhali, Saint Martin, Kutubdia, Noakhali, Hatiya, Sandwip and Bhola.

They are staying close to the coast due to the cautionary signal no. 3.

Hilsas weighing around 250 to 300 grams are selling for Tk 350 to Tk 400, 600 to 700 grams for Tk 450 to Tk 500 while 700 to 800 grams are selling for Tk 800 to Tk 900 at the wholesale market.

However, the demand for this national fish is comparatively low due to the lockdown and Eid-Ul-Azha.

Sonali Jantrik Samabay Samity President Mohammad Ali told the daily sun that the hilsa is yet to be netted on a large scale, as fishermen cannot go to the deep sea due to the inclement weather.

The trawlers will sail for the deep sea immediately after the change of weather condition, he said expecting a good catch of the delicious fish in this season.