Monday, 27 September, 2021

Re-excavation of 20 water bodies completed in Netrakona

Re-excavation of 20 water bodies completed in Netrakona

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NETRAKONA: The re-excavation and renovation of 16 natural open water-bodies and four close water-bodies have been accomplished in Netrakona sader upazila during the last financial year.

Netrakona sader upazila fisheries office sources said the government allocated taka 2,87,45,450 for completion of the project of re-excavation of 20 water bodies.

The project was undertaken with a view to protecting the bio-diversity of the areas around the water-bodies, boosting production of traditional native fishes, revenue income of the government and creating wider opportunities for the local farmers to lift irrigation waters from the water-bodies.

The sources informed that the water-bodies are situated on a total of 23.46 hectors of land.

Of the water-bodies, 15 canals spread on 20.15 hectors of land, one beel on 1.76 hectors while the four ponds on 1.55 hectors of land.

Local people said all the water-bodies were filed up and dried up due to massive siltation and climate change impact over a decade.

As a result, the traditional native fishes faced extinction, bio-diversity in the areas around the water-bodies was destroyed and the water-bodies lost their original structures.

Besides, the local farmers could not use the surface waters of the water-bodies for their irrigation purpose for water scarcity. 

At that stage, many fishermen left their profession and they eventually became unemployed.

Now, the entire scenario of the water-bodies has changed as the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has completed re-excavation and renovation works of the water-bodies.

The correspondent while visiting the water-bodies last week saw that these water-bodies have already come back to their original shapes with huge water flows.

Meanwhile, many saplings of different trees including timber, fruit-bearing and medicinal ones have been planted on the banks of the water-bodies to keep the balance of the environment.

Apart from this, many fish fries have been released in the water-bodies by the local fishermen and fisheries officials for boosting fish production.

By this time, the natural open water- bodies has turned into about 15 kilometers long water way. The local farmers have started using the water way for transportation of their harvested crops or vegetables to one place to another or village markets by boats without any costs.

Locals expressed their gratitude to the government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for taking the project for re-excavating and renovating the water-bodies for greater interest of the people.

Senior fisheries officer of sader upazila Debashish Ghush said that over 35 metric tonnes of fishes including native ones are expected to be produced in the water-bodies.

Thousands of locals including farmers and fishermen would gain economically through availing different benefits including irrigation side by side attaining huge fish resources from the water-bodies, he said.

Upazila Nirbahi officer Mahmuda Akter said that the government re-excavated and renovated the 15 canals, one beel and four big ponds for protecting the bio-diversity around the water-bodies that will boost fish production and benefit local people.