Monday, 20 September, 2021

China evacuates citizens from Afghanistan amid US pullout

China evacuates citizens from Afghanistan amid US pullout

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BEIJING: China evacuated 210 nationals from Afghanistan as US troops stepped up their withdrawal from the war-torn nation, the airline that carried out the emergency chartered flight said, reports AFP.

A Xiamen Airlines flight departed the capital Kabul for the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, on July 2 carrying Chinese citizens who had been stranded in Afghanistan, it said in a Thursday social media post.

Among them were 22 people who were later confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, despite the airline taking “top-notch epidemic prevention measures” during the flight and upon landing, it added. The Chinese foreign ministry confirmed that recent returnees included coronavirus patients and called on all nationals to leave Afghanistan, without revealing further specifics of the evacuation flight.

“In order to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Afghanistan, the Chinese government has reminded citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible and provided necessary assistance,” its consular affairs department said in a Wednesday social media post.

Chinese health authorities reported 25 new imported coronavirus cases in Hubei province on Wednesday, 22 of which were from the Kabul flight.

The flight was organised by the Chinese government, reported the state media tabloid Global Times.

President Biden has vowed that US troops will leave Afghanistan by August 31, after two decades of bloody conflict in the region. With the Taliban having routed much of northern Afghanistan in recent weeks, fears are growing over the government’s waning control of a handful of provincial capitals.

In recent weeks, Beijing has harshly criticised what it sees as a hasty and chaotic withdrawal by Washington. “The US disregards its responsibilities and duties and withdraws troops from Afghanistan hastily, dumping the mess and war on the Afghan people and countries in the region,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a routine briefing Friday.

“The US, as the original culprit of the Afghan issue, bears unavoidable responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan.”

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi is set to discuss the deteriorating Afghan security situation with counterparts from Russia, India, Pakistan and numerous Central Asian countries at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation next week.

The evacuation flight was hailed as a patriotic victory by Chinese social media users, with related trending hashtags gaining more than 300 million views on Weibo.

“This route is not easy to fly even once, we cannot leave a single compatriot behind,” the pilot was quoted as saying in the Xiamen Airlines post.

Meanwhile, Afghan authorities prepared on Saturday to try to retake a key border crossing seized by the Taliban in a sweeping offensive that the insurgents claim has helped capture a vast swath of the violence-wracked nation.

It now held 85 percent of the country, a Taliban official said Friday, controlling about 250 of Afghanistan’s nearly 400 districts—a claim impossible to independently verify, and disputed by the government. Herat governor spokesman Jilani Farhad said Saturday the authorities were deploying fresh troops to retake Islam Qala post, the biggest trade crossing between Iran and Afghanistan. “They will be sent there soon,” he told AFP.

The Afghan government has repeatedly dismissed the Taliban’s gains as having little strategic value, but the seizure of multiple border crossings and the taxes they generate will likely fill the group’s coffers with new revenue.

In a clear sign fighting was getting closer to major urban centres, an official at one hospital in Kandahar—the country’s second-largest city and the birthplace of the Taliban—said Saturday dozens of wounded had been admitted in the past 24 hours, including at least 15 service members.