Friday, 24 September, 2021

On way to vaccine production

On way to vaccine production

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People all over the world are failing to stop the spread of Covid-19 by maintaining social distance, wearing masks and frequently washing or sanitising hands. Defeating the highly infectious coronavirus is proving to be difficult due to error, carelessness or forgetfulness of the human mind in following the health safety guidance and rules strictly at all times. Mass vaccination is a more reliable way than depending on individual citizens maintaining health safety. In view of the above, our visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken a timely decision to manufacture coronavirus vaccine in the country to ensure vaccination for all the people of the country.

The Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL), the only state-owned Pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh, is being assigned the responsibility of setting up a manufacturing plant for producing Covid-19 vaccines in the country. The production may be either in joint collaboration with foreign countries or on our own. We may recall that during the mid 70s, many Bangladeshi pharmacists were hired by top US pharmaceutical companies and migrated to the USA. The contribution of those talented Bangladeshi pharmacists went a long way towards laying the foundation of the thriving American pharmaceutical industries today. Time and again, despite innumerable constraints, our talented people succeeded in achieving what they set out to do. Just as we defeated the enemy in the Liberation War of 1971, so shall we defeat the deadly enemy of Covid-19 in the war being jointly fought by the whole world.

Vaccination drives cannot be totally successful in Bangladesh if we remain dependent only on external vaccine sources; we must pull all our resources together to produce vaccines locally. In that way, our government can inoculate the maximum population in the minimum time if private endeavours to make Covid-19 vaccine also succeed simultaneously alongside the government’s program to manufacture vaccines. After all, what really matters is securing our people against Covid-19 at the earliest. What we all want for our country and people are the same – then let the twines meet to reach the goal. Manufacturing multiple vaccines in the country can help prevent losing many precious lives by defeating Covid-19 sooner.