Friday, 24 September, 2021

Tareq, Rodia’s ‘Chokh Jure Kotha’

Tareq, Rodia’s ‘Chokh Jure Kotha’

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Promising singer Rodia has lent her vocal to Zahid Akbar’s lyrics and Tanvir Tareq’s composition in a new song titled ‘Chokh Jure Kotha’. Tanvir has also rendered the song with Rodia. 

About the song, Tanvir said, “Rodia has maturity in her vocals. I impressed with her singing when her first song was released. We have made three versions of the song. Two is solo and the other is a duet. In the duet, I have lent my voice with Rodia. We are planning to release the duet on Eid-ul-Azha. I hope the track will be appreciated by the listeners.”

Rodia shared, “The lyrics and composition of the song are amazing. ‘Chokh Jure Kotha’ is very soothing song.”

Rodia is a Canadian expatriate singer. She is the granddaughter of country’s music exponent Ustad Munshi Raisuddinand and the daughter of musician Ashiquzzaman Tulu. The three versions of the track will be released on the YouTube channel of Sounds of Tanvir and Shadhin Music App.