Friday, 24 September, 2021

Pharmas urged to produce corona vaccine in social business model

Pharmas urged to produce corona vaccine in social business model

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The patent of coronavirus vaccine should be open source for all countries as the pharmaceutical companies can produce affordable jabs for all in social business model, experts told an international meeting.

Addressing a plenary on Social Business Day, UNAIDS executive director Winne Byanyima made the call to the global communities to give access to the vaccine to the developing countries as developed ones are hoarding the vaccines.

“Only 0.3 per cent of the world population has been vaccinated while developed nations are hoarding vaccines of their own. Pharmas spent $1 for producing jabs while $5 for its distribution. The manufacturers charge $10 on average while the actual cost is US 60 cent for producing each,” Winnie Byanyima, executive director at UNAIDS, told the session.

There were more than 2300 participants from 110 countries —-with over 10,000 viewers on average per day on social media platforms each day of the five-day programme, said a news release on Thursday.

Apart from the virtual meeting, the ground sessions were held at Kampala International University in Uganda, and the Catholic University of Zimbabwe.

There were 16 plenary sessions, 8 academia forums and over 162 international speakers in the series of discussion meetings covering topics correlating diversified backgrounds and industries from the realms of a social business.

In addition, there were 15 country forums, bringing together social business practitioners and enthusiasts of each region to discuss their crises and ideate social business solutions to such local problems.

The country forums reported from different regions such as China, Australia, Brazil, North America, Latin America, Europe, Nepal, India, Thailand and others.