Friday, 24 September, 2021

BIP calls for regular inspection of utility lines

BIP calls for regular inspection of utility lines

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Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) called for regular inspection of utility lines in buildings and preparing reports on a regular basis to avoid fire and other hazards in the capital.

They came up with the call at a press conference on ‘Livability of Dhaka, Moghbazar explosion, waterlogging, drainage management and contemporary issues’ on Monday. 

The BIP said accidents like Moghbazar explosion are happening again and again as the authorities concerned are not inspecting hazardous utility lines.

Speaking at the press conference, Vice-President of BIP Muhammad Ariful Islam said, “There are no recognized authorities or technical body for service connection in city buildings.

As a result the risk of hazards is increasing for faulty lines. “At the same time, we have no legal body to issue occupancy certificates and for the inspection of the city buildings.”

He said there is no legal obligation for building owners to take permission from fire services for construction of buildings having less than 10 storeys.

Speaking on the occasion, BIP President Akter Mahumud said that accidents take place again and again for absence of the required measures.

The government bodies investigate the accidents but never take any steps to prevent these in the future, he said.

He also stressed the need for keeping the scope of renewal of building safety certificates and ensuring compliance of building code through regular inspection.

Among others, BIP General Secretary Adil Mohammed Khan and Joint General Secretary Rasel Kabir spoke on the occasion.