Friday, 24 September, 2021

Brace for imminent floods

Brace for imminent floods

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A weather forecast of likely severe flooding in the country’s northern region has alarmed us to a great extent. The reason is that we are already in a catastrophe due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has already caused much harm to the livelihoods of the people all over the country. In this critical period, if another flood comes then people will simply be ruined. It poses a great danger ahead of us. As per press reports, incessant rains and onrush of water from upstream points have already created a flood-like situation in areas adjacent to the Garo hills. Melting of Himalayan glaciers has worsened the situation.

If severe flooding occurs in the northern region then its adverse effect will be felt all over the country. The natural disaster will directly impact on people’s socio-economic condition. In an effort to minimise the probable loss of lives and properties, an all-out preparedness is the call of the hour. Floods are regular phenomena in this deltaic plain. Every year floods take valuable lives, leave thousands homeless and cause significant loss to properties and infrastructures throughout the country. Based on our previous experiences, both the government and non-governmental organisations should take appropriate action during and after flood. Flood disaster preparedness and emergency response to flood victims will help reduce loss of lives and properties and other natural resources. Prompt action on the part of the government as well as voluntary organisations will definitely minimise the ruinous impacts of the disaster on communities.

Rescue operations should be conducted on an emergency basis during the calamity. As soon as flooding occurs, the affected people should be shifted to safe places without delay. Women, elderly people as well as physically and mentally-challenged persons need special attention in this emergency period. Afterwards, relief and rehabilitation measures should be undertaken by providing food, water, clothes and medicine to the flood-affected people. During post-flood period, flood victims should be provided with CI sheets, agricultural inputs and cash money as relief for rebuilding houses and reviving agricultural economy. Efforts should also be made to restore disrupted road communications and damaged infrastructures.