True guardian of the country

3 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

During the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the most struggling part has become balancing between life and livelihood. The economic factor is, sometimes, being ignored by the policymakers due to the more severe instant result of infection with the deadly virus. Therefore, decisions like imposing lockdown need to be taken to keep the pandemic under control, exposing people to face dire consequences of the financial crisis. During such a situation, standing by the temporary workless, low-income and vulnerable people is the only way to beat the consequences of virus attack. From its end, the government led by our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has once again extended hands to provide humanitarian support to the people to ease their hardship during the lockdown.

This is the second time the prime minister has been providing financial help to some 36 lakh severely-affected families with Tk 2,500 each, as per her assurance of standing by the people in need. During the first wave of the pandemic, she provided cash support of the same amount among people. This is not the lone instant; rather the prime minister has instructed the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief to distribute Tk 5.90 crore among the marginalised people. In addition, she allocated Tk. 10.50 crore from her ‘Relief and Welfare Fund’ to all the deputy commissioners aiming at distributing the amount among the poor, distressed, insolvent and floating people affected by the ongoing lockdown.

All of these initiatives prove the wholehearted effort of the premier to minimise the suffering of daily wage earners amid the restriction to step out for earning their bread and butter. There is no doubt that she has been the only pioneering figure in pointing out the way for the betterment of the mass people, whether it is to develop the country or to safeguard her poor countrymen. Her action exemplifies the endeavours of a leader who wants the best for the people of her country and works hard to give them ample security. It has somehow become clear that it would be difficult for the country to lose its space till Sheikh Hasina would lead the nation.