New lockdown looms

11 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

After failing to contain the second wave of coronavirus through a casual lockdown, the government is now reportedly planning to enforce a strict weeklong lockdown throughout the country from April 14. During this time all offices, factories and transport services except emergency ones will be closed, which is the best possible option to arrest the spread of the pandemic. The current lockdown is a total mess up as it was difficult to find logic behind the course of actions taken during the time. It is hoped that the fresh lockdown would be implemented in a more organised manner as some new challenges are there this time.

Due to the yearlong restricted and Covid-19-hit economic activities, the number of people living from hand to mouth has increased in the country. Besides, the people who managed to survive burning through their savings during the last year's lockdown would now face dire consequences this time, as they have no savings now. Moreover, the micro and small entrepreneurs have already been struggling to cope with the financial crisis. Most of them are already burdened with bank loans. The fresh lockdown will surely hit them hard.

Given that, the government has to react accordingly. There must be a plan of action for implementing the lockdown keeping the economic shocks to bare minimum. There is no doubt that the number of aid receivers will be much higher than the previous one due to the aforementioned reasons. Besides, our experience regarding the distribution of government aid, particularly at the grassroots levels, in the last time was a shattering one. This issue is also needed to be given attention if the government plans to provide aid to the needy section of the society.

The decision of slapping a strict lockdown is undoubtedly a compelling one as we observed people’s reluctant attitudes to follow health guidelines despite repeated appeals and warnings. When some people are compelled to go outside to earn their bread and butter, many others do it just for gossiping, risking their own life and the life of others. A strict lockdown is the only option to restrict them from doing so. Therefore, the government has chosen the right option, but it should be implemented in the right manner, keeping a balance between people’s life and livelihood.