Optimism about Covid-19

3 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Since the second week of March, the country has been witnessing a steady rise in Covid-19 cases. The number of virus cases has been skyrocketing every day. Inadequate government measures and people’s indifference to abide by the health guidelines are to be blamed for the dismal situation. Many wondered whether they would ever survive the deadly bug! In such a gloomy atmosphere, health experts have come up with a message of optimism. They have opined that they are hopeful about a decline in corona cases at the end of the ongoing month of April. But, they have tagged a condition with their sweet words of optimism about improvement in situation. The condition is that people must have to bring a change in their day-to-day behaviour.

They must have to strictly adhere to health guidelines, such as wearing face masks, washing hands at regular intervals and maintaining social distancing; otherwise the situation might turn for the worse, warned health experts. Recognising the new normal, people must have to adapt themselves to the new coronavirus culture for the sake of our own survival and that of the nation. Alongside, the administration as well as the law enforcers must have to take a tough stance on the rule flouters. We believe that maintaining caution both at the levels of public health enforcement and personal measures could avoid another alarming situation.

Meanwhile, we should take note of an observation of a member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19. According to him, the rising trend of coronavirus infection will stop after a certain period as people are developing antibody and second doses of the vaccine will be administered soon. So, for our betterment, we should accept the temporary inconveniences of following the hygiene protocols and taking vaccine shots.

The health crisis calls for solidarity. As to why, the health minister has called upon people to come forward to stop the spread of the virus. He also urged them to properly follow the Prime Minister’s 18-point directive and maintain the health guidelines. We should not repeat our past mistakes if we want to defeat the virus.