DU Centennial Celebration and Our Expectation

Wares Ali Khan

18 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The grand celebration marking the completion of hundred years of the establishment of the University of Dhaka is getting closer to be held on the first July this year. We keep our hope alive that the milestone of becoming the century-old learning seat will desirably be thriving to meet the requisite world class education for the nation. Simultaneously we expect this campus to be the benchmarked hub of grounding knowledge economy.

The century-old only Royal University was aimed to furnish higher education in the line of sustaining quality knowledge for the masses of the Bengali nation. The mission as well as the vision on which DU was deep-rooted is to provide globally accredited quality education. Even after one hundred years later when we are heading to celebrate its centenary, that archaic urge is still uncaught. Although once DU was considered as an excellent center for education to the entire South-Asia, now is hindered with multiplex quandary. Is this country's oldest university serving enough to meet the projected demand by transforming its pupils into the worthy human capital? The answer is surely not satisfactory to many and here we have no room to be complacent.

The entire teaching faculty of DU in respect of their professionalism, competency and excellence are rightfully expected to be unparalleled and should possess top-notch expertise and wisdom in the arena of creating and conferring knowledge. We know, the foremost job of the university is to generate knowledge, remold finest thinking and understanding of the individuals who pursue studies there. We farther know, quality education is always tied with quality teaching. So, the prototype of rendering quality education is much sought from now and the years yet to come. We particularly expect that this biggest public university will bring the essential changes forth keeping consistency with its past glory in accomplishing the condensed expectation of the nation.

Quality research conduction is deemed to be the soul of any university. But a sizable faculty, so far, are not active enough towards knowledge creation by engaging themselves with quality research work which has triggered much speculation among many. In this regard, a realistic framework and concrete blueprint concerning the affirmation of a research-friendly serene atmosphere for creating new knowledge and annexing thought is very imperative. Besides, publications, research citation and impact factor, deployment of the graduates, and teachers-students ratio- these substantial issues are far more urgent to be promoted in order to uplift the ground fame and superior position of DU in the global university ranking chart.

Recently an unsought, shameful and scandalous incident of plagiarism (copying others intellectual property/brainchild/write-ups) against a number DU faculties has triggered a huge clomour across the country. Those who have been blamed surely their heads have been down to the whole nation and of course to the students whom they will educate in the classroom in the days ahead. This repulsive tendency is extremely unexpected which seeks to be nullified immediately and forever.

As division and internal chaos among the teachers are undesirable, verily the whole faculty members are highly anticipated to be unified on the common platform with the concerted mission of building nation serving with quality education. For this reason, esteemed faculty members are highly meant to be passionate and mission-bound in their noble work of fostering global talents, maintaining the image of DU, and also heightening their heads up.

Accommodation facility of the students of this century-old public university is now a big worry. As DU is designated as the residential learning space, majority students coming from the outside of Dhaka to this largest campus with a view to pursuing higher education generally find residential facility as their life-sustaining patron. But few students can avail the opportunity for dwelling place in the dormitory in their first year studentship. Moreover, the prevalent mass-room (gonoroom) culture often plagues an incredible plight for the fresher. Dealing a seat for lying in the residential hall under the umbrella of so-called student politics resembles as to win the war.

To be fortunate enough of managing a living space in the DU residential hall obviously keeps the students tense-less and provides them relief.  Hence, on the eve of the university centennial ceremony, we deeply hope problems concerned with accommodation for the learners will be figured out pragmatically through the expansion of residential edifice.

Quality education can certainly create human capital and only resourceful human talents along with the right set of skills can serve the purpose of confronting the multifaceted challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) in a befitting manner. Henceforth, producing only the bulk-large graduates will work no more in this ever tough competitive world. Instead, education rendering and knowledge impartation have to continue focusing on the actual need of the current era. Therefore, we expect DU will be the finest center for education and excellence once again with the capacity of providing world class education getting stirred up by its past glory, name and fame.

At the juncture of the century-long journey of the University of Dhaka, a sacred as well as sincere promise should be made to ensure better education for the citizens. Hope, the university authorities will come forward with necessary measures for structuring DU as a world class academia.


The writer is a DU Alumnus