Better late than never

18 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We are happy to learn that the High Court has upheld the verdict of a judicial Court that sentenced 10 accused to death in a case of attempting to kill Sheikh Hasina in 2000 by planting a 76-kg bomb near her rally site at a school field in Gopalganj. In addition to death sentence of the accused, the court also sentenced several others to various terms of imprisonment.

We must say that this is the proper punishment for the heinous crime the criminals have committed. They deserve this highest punishment and are destined to die a shameful death. So, it is our hope that the judgment will be executed at the soonest.

The fact that it took over two decades to complete the trial process, which will be delayed further if convicts appeal to the Supreme Court, smacks of the country’s sloth judicial process. It also proves that the courts acted independently and the law took its due course as the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina being the head of the government for over the last 12 years didn’t intervene in the judicial process to accelerate the trial.

However, as the saying goes better late than never. This conviction is tantamount to establishing the supremacy of judiciary, and it also proves that justice delayed is not always the case of justice being denied. We hope message will be carried to the conspirators that justice prevails in the end.

While discussing the subject, we would also like to highlight the concerns about the security of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Her political rivals always envied her enormous popularity and tried to annihilate her by hook or by crook. Moreover, she has drawn the wrath of religious fundamentalist groups by initiating the trial of war criminals of 1971. So far, as many as 19 attempts have been made on her life. All these heinous and sophisticated plots to kill her amply prove the enormity of security challenge she is facing. So, the security arrangement for her must be elaborate and fool-proof.