‘Sampritee Bangladesh’ during Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Reverend Martin Adhikary

13 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

‘Sampritee Bangladesh’ during Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Reverend Martin Adhikary

Sampritee Bangladesh emerged on 7 July, 2018 as a civic forum and entity with the vision of nurturing the spirit of non-communal society for the realization of the goal of our independence. It is a platform of like-minded people of the country who have belief and genuine commitment to secularism and as such for communal harmony and peace among all people of the country towards the goal of lasting peace and human progress for a society based on equity, justice and democracy. Although the predominant religion of the people here is Islam the predominant Bangla culture and ethos remain as the fundamental source of our values. People of different faiths, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, animism live here for generations after generations in peace and amity. Although from time to time this spirit of respect for the people of other faiths is disturbed by the nefarious activities of some people in the name of religion, ours is a culture and civilization that has grown from the fertile soil of tolerance, and mutual respect and goodwill.

As a nationwide thrust Sampritee Bangladesh has so far organized its branches in 17 districts in the country. And it will continue work for similar purpose for the furtherance of its vision and objective as time passes by throughout the country as far as possible. Since its vision and mission is noble it is expected that people enlightened by the spirit and the consciousness that lay behind our war of independence will heartily welcome it.

It is a welcome idea to tell something about what Sampritee Bangladesh is doing for the general mass of people in our country during this unhappy time when people all over the world are adversely affected by the Coronavirus plague. During this ongoing crisis Sampritee Bangladesh has been using the time intelligently for real human service and care electronically. The main activities done during 2020 and the same are being continued:

1. Weekly dialogues and discussions are held on every Saturday at 9 p.m on different issues and concerns of national and international nature via Zoom link. Right this evening we have the 100th dialogue. People from the intelligentsia are invited to speak on given themes and then many others share their views. This provides opportunities to get enlightened on matters of common concerns. It was great to hear once the world famous Heart specialist Dr. Devi Shetty. Famous journalist Janab Aldul Gaffar Chowdhury and other renowned persons are also invited to speak on important topics.

2. Columns are written by the key leaders of the organization in different national dailies. Writers include the Convener of Sampritee Mr. Pijush Bandopadhay, Prof. Dr. Mamun Al Mahtab Shwapnil, Secretary, Executive Committee members and other leaders from time to time in different national dailies on different contemporary themes and issues of national and international importance. Space does not permit me to name all the reputed persons.

3. Online Telemedicine program that started on 14 May, 2020 to provide medical consultancy from listed physicians. At the moment 87 doctors with specialties in different areas are listed for providing free consultancy to numberless people needing the same for different diseases and ailments. This is being done on a regular basis on every Wednesdays at 8 p.m.  Who does not know this unfortunate phenomenon of Covid-19, which has affected lives of all people all over the world rather adversely? Due to this unhappy state of things it has been rather difficult for many to have access to institutional medical attention and facilities this Tele-medicine program has been providing tremendous amount of care for the suffering ones in the country.

To mark this day when there will be the 100th Dialogue it has been arranged that some of the activities of this organization is focused in the mass media for the interest of the people. As a nation we very much look forward to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our independence coinciding with joyful celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation with many functions and activities. Sampritee Bangladesh will do whatever is possible for it to join all concerned in this great festivities that will imbue in us all afresh for our patriotism, genuine love for our country and all people, and for the renewal of our lives and hopes and aspirations as worthy citizens of the country for the realization of the ideals, vision and values of our sacred constitution for a country where all people will live in a society of justice and peace and harmony among all people. Sampritee Bangladesh has a great role to play and is playing that role in the process of creating many people’s mind-set for joining hands to work together for our society at large where people will treat people as people first, as fellow human beings with many more things in common than not.


The writer is a Christian Theology teacher, Church leader, and a member of Sampritee Bangladesh