Bangladesh elected ICSD vice-president

Staff Correspondent

15 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Dr Mostafizur Rahman, a faculty of Noble International University in USA, has been elected as the vice-president of International Consortium for Social Development- ICSD.

Australia-based ICSD declared the result on Wednesday after a long process of digital polls from members across the world.

Around 121 professionals from multi-disciplines including educators, practitioners, students, schools of social work and non-governmental organisations, cast their votes through online.

Newly elected ICSD president Prof Dr Manohar Pawar said the multi-disciplinary platform will contribute to social development across the globe fostering research and dialogue and sharing knowledge on social work education.’

Vice-president Mostafizur Rahman, incumbent digital media advisor of ICSD, mentioned the opportunity as a fortune to represent Bangladesh in the global forum of ICSD executive council.

In the election, a total of 18 professionals contested for eight executive positions including president and vice-president.

The consortium fosters collaboration among personnel of organisations such as the United Nations, World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF as well as among professional associations in the human services and institutions of higher learning.