Bongo partners with WatchMojo

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15 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Bongo partners with WatchMojo

WatchMojo, an internationally acclaimed Youtube Channel with over 22 million viewers, has partnered with Bongo to launch WatchMojo Bangla on Youtube, Facebook and

Bongo will be assisting WatchMojo to dub all its content in Bangla to make it available to all the Bengali speaking people around the world.

Bongo’s Chief Operating Officer Fayaz Taher said, “We are extremely excited to add a new dimension of content to our country. The partnership is a true example of cross-border collaboration.”

Co-Founder and Director, Navidul Huq said, “We believe content has no barriers. Our content can be watched by anyone around the world. We just have to make it easy to access and enjoy. Exporting content can be a good foreign currency earner for the country to reduce the dependency on RMG and we must support the local content companies through policy support.”

WatchMojo produces daily ‘Top Ten’ videos as well as videos summarising the history of specific niche topics. These topics can be one of 16 categories: Anime, automotive, business, comedy, education, fashion, film, health and fitness, lifestyle, music, parenting, politics and economy, space and science, sports, technology, travel, and video games.

The Bongo studios team will be managing the Bangla dubbed channels as part of the partnership. Recently, Bongo has also been working to export the Bengali content to other parts of the world. The company has established a subtitling and dubbing team to convert all major movies and classic dramas into various languages so viewers around the world can also watch Bangla content. The first few will be done in English and Nepali language.