Shameful humiliation of a teacher

16 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

We are outraged that a teacher of a private nursing college in Barishal was beaten up and forced to do sit-ups holding his ears by none other than his students. The assaulters even recorded the incident and posted it on Facebook, drawing widespread ire and condemnation from the netizens. The whole saga is so vulgar and tasteless that those who watched the video must be feeling a twinge of shame and embarrassment. Not to say, the dignity of the teaching profession was seriously undermined.

The assaulted teacher’s only fault was that he had advised some of students to study attentively as they were frequently skipping class. As a responsible teacher, he perhaps sought to keep his students on track and didn’t illicitly help any undeserving student pass in the exam. Perhaps the teacher did not know that in this country acting according to the dictates of one’s conscience can sometimes not only prove unrewarding but also tragic. The students turned hoodlums were too powerful for him. They retaliated. In this case the method of retaliation was unique.

When the alleged perpetrator Emon was asked why he assaulted the teacher, he gave a candid reply saying that his wife was not being able to pass the exam because of him. Not only Emon and his gang assaulted the teacher but also, in a bid to frame him, forced him to apologise to Emon’s wife saying that he would never tease girls in future. The rascals did this by threatening him to undress.

Who can condone this act of unashamed arrogance, aggression and coercion? Clearly, this is not only a case of disrespecting one individual teacher; the perpetrators trampled on the noble profession of teaching and put the entire nation to shame. We demand strongest institutional and legal measures to punish the perpetrators irrespective of their power and connection. Otherwise, it will have a domino effect.