Applying online for getting TIN from home

13 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Applying online for getting TIN from home

You can easily get an electronic tax identification number (E-TIN) at the comfort of your home. You do not have to go through the hassles of moving to the tax office, rather you may submit the form online. Within a few minutes you will be verified by an e –mail for confirmation. For this you must have a National ID card and a mobile phone.

E-TIN can be subscribed first by logging on to the National Board of Revenue’s (NBR) website.

Second, you need to complete the specific form for registration. By clicking the registration option you will be asked to input your user ID (at least 8 characters) and password (at least 4 characters). You need to retype the password again in compliance with the first one. Security checking questions have to be answered. You need to input your country name, mobile number, Email and verification letters. Then by clicking the registration button below will show an activation code in your mobile, which you need to input in the activation screen for logging on.

After that, the original TIN form will appear on the screen. Each requirement of the form must be filled–up step-by-step by providing information such as National ID number, mobile number, Email ID and relevant profession. When you press the submit button, in a few seconds, you will be notified by an email attached with the scanned QR code of the TIN certificate. However the server of NBR will verify your information regarding your National ID. Please note, the total number of digits of E-TIN is 12. For any further help and assurance, call 333.

There are some exhaustive  uses of TIN for doing any kind of work such as you need TIN for electricity connections, payment of monthly salary over 16 thousand taka (it is mandatory to file a return) and to get the child admitted to English Medium Schools.

For doing  business, for instance mobile recharge business, mobile banking, environmental agency, various types of consultancies, catering service, event management, public supply and security services, one must have a TIN. TIN is a prerequisite for the imposition of the export-import entry bill.

Additionally, TIN is required for the following causes: issuance of export registration certificate, trade license permission from City Corporation and Municipal Corporation; submission of petition; availing membership of elite clubs, registration of land, buildings and flat; ownership and fitness renewal of vehicles; membership of various professional organizations such as doctors, engineers and accountants; membership of business organizations, company directors and sponsored shareholders; for marriage registration and issuance of drug license.

Without TIN, there will be no candidacy for running Parliament election, City Corporation election, Upazila and municipal elections. Besides, a legitimate TIN is required during permission of building design, borrowing of over 5, 00,000 taka from bank and other financial institutions and for issuing credit cards.


Nuzhat Rifa Ehsan, a legal practitioner