Successful stroke management in United Hospital

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11 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Successful stroke management in United Hospital

A 68-year-old woman recovered from a stroke for effective management of the disease in United Hospital Limited in the capital.  

A team led by Dr SM Hasan Shahriar, consultant at Neurology Department of the hospital, administered the treatment, said a press release.  

The woman had also made a recovery from Covid-19 five weeks before she suffered the stroke.

The patient arrived in the hospital two hours after the left side of her body went numb, following a fall which triggered a minor head trauma. As the physicians’ team suspected that it was an acute stroke, they took her to the emergency department of the hospital.  

Rapid neurological assessment was done along with immediate CT scan of brain and CT Angiogram.  Acute Ischemic Stroke in right frontal lobe was confirmed by Dr Hasan Shahriar. 

A decision about thrombolysis was taken after getting consent of the patient’s son. Rt-PA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator; Alteplase) started within less than one hour of patient’s arrival, and the patient was transferred to the Stroke Unit. She was monitored in stroke unit and Rt-PA was completed without any complication. After receiving treatment, she improved significantly.

If one can be brought to United Hospital within 3 hours of the first symptoms of an ischemic stroke, after neurological assessment & necessary investigation, a thrombolytic (a “clot-busting” drug) tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is given by the the skilled Stroke Team to break up blood clots, which improves the chances of recovering from a stroke.