Virtual music room by Google

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7 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Virtual music room by Google

Tech giant Google has introduced a specialized project titled Magenta project for creating virtual music room powered by machine learning with lo-fi hip-hop tracks.

Lo-Fi Player was created by Vibert Thio, a Google Magenta intern with the help of researcher Douglas Eck.

The Lo-Fi Player has a room setup designed already featuring a cat obviously, and with a person staring out the window watching the rain. You can follow this link to start using the Lo-Fi Player.  User can tap on the different items placed around the room to customise your Lo-Fi beats. For example, tapping on the guitar lets you adjust the volume and tone, and turn on or off bass. There’s a keyboard and a synthesiser that lets play around with chords, and select the instrument user need.