System Eye announces ‘budget’ computer

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7 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

System Eye announces ‘budget’ computer

SystemEye Technologies has announced couple of personal computer to reach students devices with in ‘affordable budget’ for attending online class.

Lenovo branded Intel dual-core, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk laptop will be available at 26.8 thousand taka, according to a statement of the company. Besides, another laptop equipped with Intel seventh generation Core-i3 will be available for 36 thousand taka.  System Eye also introduced a personal computer at ten thousand taka featured with 17 inch monitor equipped with 2.20 gigahertz core2duo processor, 2 gigabyte random access memory and 320 gigabyte hard disk. Core-5 desktop computer is available at 19.5 thousand taka.

System Eye Head of Operations Masum Billah said the company always gives importance to after-sales service and fair pricing of products alongside of maximum 3 year warranty.