Bogura farmers busy cultivating winter vegetables

Our Correspondent

3 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

BOGURA: The people of Shahnagar village, a famous nursery village of Shajahanpur upazila, are passing busy time for gardening winter vegetable and producing seedlings in Bogura.

The original occupation of the ancestors was the cultivation of various crops. The type of cultivation has changed over time. The agricultural people of this village are involved in the production of vegetable seedlings instead of crops. In the last 3 eras, this work of Shahnagar has spread to 7-8 villages of the upazila.

Around the coming winter season, Shahnagar and surrounding villages have become vocal in producing winter vegetable seedlings. In 220 vegetable nurseries, tens of millions of high quality seedlings of high yielding varieties of pepper, eggplant, tomato, cauliflower and cabbage are being grown.

The nursery beds have been covered with polythene tents so that the production of seedlings is not affected in adverse weather. Seedling production is done in the soil for 5 months in a year.

Unemployment rests on the shoulders of nursery workers for the rest of the time.

So the people of Shahnagar village have also mastered the modern art and technique of producing saplings for twelve months to alleviate their unemployment. They are producing vegetable saplings all year round by setting up ‘tray-nurseries’.

Amjad Hossain established the first tray-nursery in Shahnagar village 4 years ago. Later, Alal, Dulal, Jahidul and Ujjal set up tray nurseries in the village. Due to the relatively low incidence of diseases and high crop yields, the trend of seedling production in trays is increasing day by day rather than soil seedling production.

People of 24 districts of the country including Sirajganj, Pabna, Tangail, Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Joypurhat, Naogaon, Gaibandha, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh are benefiting by getting quality saplings from Shahnagar village.

After 5 months of seedling production, vegetable production continues in the vegetable nurseries for the rest of the year. Hybrids are producing papaya, tomato, chilli, cucumber, cucumber, bean, coriander leaf, barbati, eggplant, carrot, sweet pumpkin. These vegetables are spreading in different districts of the country including the capital Dhaka by meeting the demand in the local market.

Amjad Hossain, the father of commercial vegetable sapling production by setting up a nursery in Shahnagar village and president of the Shahnagar Vegetable Nursery Owners Association, said he first started producing vegetable saplings on a commercial basis in 1985 to fight unemployment.

But he did not see the face of profit as he did not have knowledge about the art and technique of this work. He later received training in sapling production separately from the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation and the Department of Agricultural Extension and benefited by producing saplings.