Terror-free Bangladesh best for investment

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A report published on the first page of this newspaper on Sunday informs us that terror attacks in Bangladesh are on the decline. The report, quoting the Country Reports on Terrorism 2018 released by the US Department of State said the pace and magnitude of ‘terrorist attacks’ in Bangladesh continued to decline in 2018.

Because of Bangladesh government’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against terrorism and violent extremism, the remarkable success has been achieved in containment of terrorism and militancy. In line with the government policy, members of intelligence and law enforcement agencies have tamed the global menace of terrorism by pursuing non-stop counter terrorism campaign resulting in what the US report said disruption of planned attacks by terrorists, capturing suspected militant leaders and seizing of weapons, ammunition and explosives by Bangladeshi security forces. The report said further our intelligence and law enforcement agencies have taken adequate precautionary measures to avert any attempt to carry out terror attacks countrywide.

The US report testifies that Bangladesh has won the war on militancy. Presently, the country is not facing any major militant threat as the militant groups, who once operated here, have lost their capacity to carry out fresh attacks. As a peaceful atmosphere prevails in Bangladesh, it is now one of the best countries for investment. New economic opportunities have opened up here for massive foreign investment. A business conducive environment has been created to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Many economic and business opportunities are already available in multiple sectors in the country. Apart from this, special economic zones have everything to attract foreign investors. Bangladesh’s investment policy trends have been consistent, with liberalisation, deregulation, privatisation, and facilitation being its foremost cornerstones.

Taking full advantage of the prevailing terror-free atmosphere, global investors can easily invest in different sectors for profitable businesses. The country’s present situation will also strengthen its institutions to maintain further economic growth and accelerate the pace of ongoing development. It is hoped that the present growth rate is likely to push Bangladesh towards achieving its vision to turn it into a middle-income status by its 50th birthday in 2021.