Ensure security on flyovers

3 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Flyovers, foot-over bridges and such other structures are meant for smooth and safe movement of the people. The flyovers have no doubt eased and facilitated to a great extent the movements of the commuters in this city of perennial and unbearable traffic chaos. Thus it fulfilled the need of faster movement on the roads.

However, such measures to ease the life of residents walking to their destinations are faced with a new trouble, especially at night. Some of the flyovers are particularly vulnerable to serious crimes like mugging, carjacking and harassment of women, and even killing.

According to a daily sun report, most of the flyovers in the capital have become safe havens for criminals. Very recently, unidentified miscreants in the guise of passengers slit the throat of a biker on the Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover and took away his bike. Not only that the upper surface of the flyovers has turned into hotspots of crimes, the dark corners under them are also infested with crimes including buying and selling of drugs. Most of the foot-over bridges have also become unsafe for the pedestrians.

Inadequate lighting arrangements, inoperative lamp-posts and lack of police patrol along the stresses of the flyovers at night have been identified as the reasons for this rising trend of crimes.

Flyovers and foot-over bridges are for the benefit of the city residents; but for lack of necessary security these have become hunting grounds for the anti-social elements. Authorities’ task does not end merely with the construction of such structures; they should also ensure safety and security of the users as one of the first priorities. Flyovers and foot bridges are for the advantage of the people, not havens for criminals. All necessary measures must be taken urgently to keep these costly structures usable for the public.